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Find your cluster when you sign up today!

Are you feeling lonely and alone? No friend to talk to? Start gaining new friends by logging into our app.

Sign up is FREE! You will even get gift coupons when you invite your friends to sign up.

With Clusterisis, youíre only three steps away from gaining new friends:

  1. Install the app
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Sign in and start chatting with new friends

Clusterisis allows you to meet people nearby or those who have the same interests as you. Itís not a website designed to help you find a date. Instead, our goal is to help you find long-lasting friendships that will stand the test of time.

Contrary to popular belief, online friendships arenít short-lived. You can easily find solace in strangers online who are very willing to listen and make friends.

Public Chat Rooms

Have a specific interest? Type in a keyword in the search bar and find groups to locate where birds of the same feather hangs out.

Canít find anything? Start a topic of your own. Just make sure itís within our terms and conditions or else youíll suffer the wrath of the ban hammer.


Many of our subscribers hold meetups within the app. You can take advantage of this especially when youíre traveling to a new place and youíre looking to hang out with the locals. We hold no liability on what happens during physical meetups so we hope you practice caution. If thereís any sign of trouble, donít forget to connect with local authorities.

Express More Using GIFs and Stickers

Let your friends know exactly how you feel. Use the GIF plug-in or the vault of stickers to express what you canít put into words.

Available on All Platforms

Our app is available for download across all platforms---mobile, desktop, and tablets. Android and Apple. Syncing and backing up your data happens instantaneously.

About Us

Clusterisis started when three friends Katherine, Nadine, and Jenna were sitting together after a good dinner, looking back at how they found each other from an online group targeted for travelers. They wanted to share that same experience to others by bridging the gap between strangers using a messaging app. Not like a normal messenger, but more like a safe haven for people who are just looking to find friends. With their combined experience, they were able to create a space for people to get to know others within a space where they donít have to suffer from indecent proposals.


Clusteresis :  dedicated to enhancing the Terminal Services environment through a range of tools and utilities


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